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Bechna Kitna Asan Hai Jitna Asan Aap Bana Do (Hindi Translation of Core Selling Skills) by Les Giblin

बेचना कितना आसान है ? जितना आसान आप बना दो - लेस गिबलिन

सेल्स की दुनिया हमारे आस-पास की दुनिया है। आज के डिजिटल युग में सेल्स का क्षेत्र जहाँ नयी चुनौतियों का सामना कर रहा है वाही इसकी कुछ बुनियादी चीजे बदली नहीं है । सेल्स आज भी हमारे आस-पास की दुनिया से समबन्ध रखता है।

यह पुस्तक हमें यही सिखाती है की कैसे हम अपने परिवेश और लोगो से बेहतर ढंग से तालमेल बिठाकर ,सेल्स के क्षेत्र में नयी ऊंचाइयो को छू सकते है।…/Bechna-Kitna-Asan-Hai-Jitna-…

THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG (Telugu Translation) – David Schwartz

This Self-Help classic by Dr. Schwartz, will help you to sell better, manage better, earn more money and, most important of all, find greater happiness and peace of mind. The Magic of Thinking Big gives you workable methods and Dr. Schwartz presents a planned programme for living on a grand scale – in your job, family and social life. He proves that you need not have a formidable intellect or a great talent to be a giant among men; but you do need the habit of thinking and acting big.


This is the Tamil translation of HOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE AND POWER IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE by Les Giblin. In this book, the author who is a recognized expert in the field of human relations clearly explains the basic principles behind human behaviour. He describes how individuals can interact for positive results that will work in their favour. This book will help you learn time-tested techniques and strategies for making a good first impression, improving listening and speaking skills, influencing others, managing people successfully.

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