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Zero Oil Cook Book (Bengali Edition) by Dr. Bimal Chhajer

Oil or Triglycerides make about 99% of the fats that we consume in our food. Research in the last decades has shown that Triglycerides are equally responsibe for creating heart disease, when compared to Cholesterol, Dr Chhajer’s Zero Oil Cook Book In Bengali that has a method of cooking that does not use any kind of oil and thus most suitable for preventing and reversing Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension.

201 Tips For Gas or Acidity by Dr. Bimal Chhajer

Gas, acidity, heartburn, constipation and pain in the abdomen are some of the very common complaints of general population. Everyone suffers from one of these symptoms at least once a year. People want to know the details of the cause, symptoms and non-drug solutions of the problems. This book gives all the details of these medical problems in simple language. The book also tells about the common medical drugs used by most of the common people, available widely in the medical shops. These “over the counter” drugs and their groups, uses and indications are also a part of the book. The medical tests performed by the gastroenterologists and their implications are also explained by the author.

This book is for common people, but will be also good for the medical personnel to refresh their memory about the common problems for the digestive tract. This book will the best book to read if you need to understand the digestive system. Best book to keep in your collection in the bookself.

About Author

Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MBBS, MD is a well known personality in the medical world in India and abroad. He is a “heart care and lifestyle expert” and known for his lifestyle based treatment of heart disease – where he helps people to avoid Heart attack, Bypass surgery or Angioplasty. He was working at the famous AIIMS, New Delhi as an assistant professor. His brain child, Saaol Heart Center has now numerous branches in different cities of India and abroad. Saaol stands for “Science And Art Of Living”. He is a prolific writer and has authored 70 books. His books are translated in many languages.

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