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People Tools (Marathi Translation) by Alan Fox

Getting along well with others is the real secret to success and happiness. In tens of thousands of classrooms we teach reading, writing, and arithmetic and yet we leave solutions to the universal problems of human relationships to be discovered, if at all, by trial and error. The trial is painful and the error is costly.

People Tools: 54 Strategies for Building Relationships, Creating Joy, and Embracing Prosperity, provides time-proven techniques that you can use to build a better, happier, more successful life. It is the perfect resource for busy people looking for fast and effective solutions to the challenges we face every day.


People Tools are practical and easy to understand. From developing self-confidence, to improving communication skills, to finding constructive ways to resolve conflict, each People Tool addresses a specific issue and provides a simple, straightforward strategy that you can adopt to bring about a positive result.

People Tools (Tamil Translation) By Alan Fox

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor and relationship expert Alan C. Fox has graduate degrees in counseling, law, and professional writing. His first book PEOPLE TOOLS: 54 Strategies for Building Relationships, Creating Joy, and Embracing Prosperity, became a New York Times bestseller, followed by his next bestselling book PEOPLE TOOLS FOR BUSINESS: 50 Strategies for Building Success, Creating Wealth, and Finding Happiness. Alan's tools, crafted over decades, have helped him achieve success in all aspects of life - from business to marriage to parenting six children, two stepchildren, and one foster child. Alan and his wife are based in Los Angeles

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