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I Am Fine Spirit (Bengali Edition) by Ryuho Okawa

How to Get Through Tough Times The content of this book is a recipe for succeeding in life that can be used by all people around the world. It is an essential textbook written in simple words that provides instructions on how to lead a life of happiness. It is a modern Bible, a modern sutra, a study of life, a way of life that transcends beyond the barriers dividing religions and sects.

Li. Tamaro Makarand by Makrand Dave

Sanklan by Meenu Bhatt

મકરંદ ભાઈએ લખેલા પત્રોની અંગત ડાયરી.

Vigyan Ni Duniya

હવામાં રહેલા નાનામાં નાના અણુથી લઈને સૌર મંડળમાં આવેલા મોટામાં મોટા ગ્રહો સુધી તમારી આસપાસ શું રહેલું છે અને તે કેવી રીતે કાયાન્વિત છે તે શોધો.
*શું તમે જાણવા માંગો છો....
*તારાઓ શા માટે ખસે છે ?
*મેરી ક્યુરી કોણ હતાં ?
*ભૂકંપ કેટલો વિશાળ હોય છે ?

સચિત્ર દૃષ્ટાંત, ફોટોગ્રાફ્સ અને હકીકતોથી ભરપૂર એવા આ પુસ્તકમાં તમે વિજ્ઞાન વિશે જાણવા જેવું બધું જ મેળવશો.

Corporate Chanakya (Bengali Edition) by Radhakrishnan Pillai

Management styles might change, but the fundamental principles remain the same. Whether it is the government of a vast empire, corporate governance, running a small business, or even managing the household affairs, some basic concepts apply across all levels. Chanakya or Kautilya was an outstanding strategist and brilliant manager and is known to have helped in establishing a huge empire.

He was a genius for spotting potential, and nurturing and moulding it. His genius for planning and his farsightedness helped elevate young Chandragupta to the status of an emperor, the first of a mighty new dynasty. Could this genius be applied to today's business management field? The author of Corporate Chanakya thinks so. He has compiled a huge number of Chanakya’s aphorisms and has explained how they can be applied in the corporate framework.

Corporate Chanakya is divided into three sections. These focus on leadership, management, and training. The author has chosen appropriate sutras from the Arthashastra to illustrate important concepts that apply to each section. Chanakya was an extremely pragmatic man who went straight to the heart of any situation and analyzed it before devising any plans. This is an important advice for corporate executives who devise strategies. The author advises managers to clearly analyze, visualize and map out the details before taking action.

Corporate Chanakya describes the attributes of a leader, and it singles out energy as one of the most important of the required traits of a leader. A leader who is listless and apathetic will not succeed in inspiring anyone. On the other hand, a leader who is clear in his vision, is enthusiastic about it, believes in it, and himself works for it will succeed in convincing his people to follow his lead with equal enthusiasm.

The book provides practical advice for all levels of businesses. It provides tips on the qualities to look for in choosing the appropriate persons to fill positions at various levels. The book contains advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced managers. It also contains a section on business ethics and quotes a lot of Chanakya's sutras to show that the ancient wisdom expressed by the brilliant thinker is not dated and can still be of practical use.

Samarsiddha (Prem Peeda Aur Pratishodh Ki Gatha) by Sandeep Nayyar

Samarsiddha is a story of complex social dynamics in the land of enigmatic India in 8th century BC. In a patriarchal society ruled by the king and his men, a woman, exploited and shattered, rises from the ground to counter not only the men and the society but also the underlying ailing ideology. Read how she devoted her life to spiritual practices to gain divine powers to counter the mighty kingdoms. Find out how her razor sharp goal of revenge carries her from being a beautiful Brahmin girl to a Chandaal warrior with bloodthirsty soul.

संदीप नय्यर प्रशिक्षण से मैकेनिकल इंजीनियर हैं, पेशे से एक आईटी विशेषज्ञ और अपनी पसंद से एक लेखक. 1969 में रायपुर में जन्मे नय्यर ने कुछ वर्ष एक पत्रकार के रूप में भी गुजारे हैं और साप्ताहिक हिंदुस्तान में वे एक नियमित स्तंभ लिखते रहे थे. रिलायंस और रायपुर अलॉइज के साथ काम कर चुके नय्यर 2000 में ब्रिटेन चले गए और अब वे एक ब्रिटिश नागरिक हैं. यह उनका पहला उपन्यास है.

The Fakir (Bengali Edition) by Ruzbeh Bharucha

Rudra doesn’t love anything and is in fact much in need of spiritual or medical help. He is a hippie inclined to live out of haversacks in small and dingy hotels and swigging down malt whiskey. However, this young man finds that everything in his life is changed due to a chance encounter. While driving along the highway, he comes upon an old man lying in a pool of his own blood. In a moment of conscientiousness that the traffic around him doesn’t bother to acknowledge, he rushes forward to the old man’s aid. There and then in an embrace, Rudra notes the resemblance this man shares with the Shirdi Sai Baba.

The novel is an empathetic symbol of spirituality and life as the old man makes the hapless protagonist realize several truths about the metaphysics of the world. The dialogues that are written between the sage and disciple are at the heart of this novel and Bharucha brings a fascinating narrative to life.

Karma, divinity, praying, and spirit communication among the broader entities of faith, forgiveness, and energy are all demystified to both the lay reader and the hippie. Most importantly, this book dwells upon the antenna that connects every individual to its master and how the act of goodness is necessary to inculcate a more attuned relationship with that figure of authority.

The book stretches across the length of mysticism and spirituality and Bharucha triumphs in his use of symbolism and generosity.

Tamarama Jivavanu Janun Chhe (Gujarati Translation Of Are You Crazy For Life) by Jagdish Joshi

Stri Devi Ke Dasi (Gujarati DVD) by Kajal Oza Vaidya

સ્ત્રી - દેવી કે દાસી - કાજલ ઓઝા વૈદ્ય વિડીયો સીડી

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