Asha Ane Dhiraj (Gujarati Translation of The Count of Monte Cristo) by Alexandre Dumas

The novel is about a very skilled sailer named Edmond Dantes who has a promising future. Even though Dantes is a harmless character with hopes of Success, three antagonists in the novel still end up causing Dante's downfall. These character's include Danglars who is jealous that Dantes was promised the captain's position instead of him, Fernand Mondego who is jealous that Mercedes is in love with Dantes instead of him, Caderousse who is just an unprincipled neighbor, and Villefort who is a prosecutor that knows Dantes has information that can ruin his career.The falling action seems to occur when Dantes goes to prison and many years go by, but then he escapes and everything changes.

After Dantes escapes from prison, and is presumed dead, he changes his identity and takes on the name The Count of Monte Cristo, giving birth to a whole new character. There are very few similarities between Dantes and Monte Cristo. Dantes was on the verge of poverty, very easy going, and caring for others; Monte Cristo was very manipulative, extremlely rich, and had absolutley no respect for man. Dantes eventually picks apart the lives of the three men that had betrayed him all in a different manner. Good vs. evil plays a big role in Dante's (Monte Cristo) character. Dantes knows that killing is wrong but feels that it is all right since the men he is killing killed his former life(an eye for an eye). What's ironic about Monte Cristo is that even though he is a killer, he is a very big believer in God, and feels that God is on his side through all the violence.