Grow Rich While You Sleep (Tamil Edition) by Ben Sweetland

Grow Rich While You Sleep is one of those self-help books that leave you in thoughts and inspired to achieve more and be more successful in life. The author discusses his ideas and thoughts about various aspects of growing richer in life. The book contains witty and practical chapters on the same. Some of them are Riches: An Interpretation, How to Enjoy Peaceful Sleep, Your Real Seat of Intelligence, Man is Mind, Money: A Myth, A Study of Contrasts, You are What You Think You are, You are Twice as Good as You Think You are, Riches: A Matter of Consciousness, Getting Acquainted with the Real You, Your Mental Eraser, You Become Rich Right Now, Accentuate the Positive and many such sections that will help you prioritize things in life. A must read for those who aspire a better life in terms of money and riches.