Narendra Modi - as the charismatic politician and successful Chief Minister of Gujarat is well known - but very few people know that he is a writer as well. Written when Narendra Modi was in his youth, the stories in the book reveal a hitherto unknown, sensitive and emotional, aspect of his personality. Narendra Modi's belief is that a mother's love is the source of all love and there is no greater love than a mother's love. The different kinds of love we experience in our life, whether the love between two friends, the love of a teacher for his student, the love of a doctor for his patient or even the love between a husband and wife, are all reflections and shades of a mother's love.

These stories were written during 1975-1977 when Emergency had been imposed in the country. Rasthriya Sevak Sangh, which Narendra Modi worked with, was banned and consequently he had to go underground. Several times he changed disguises to avoid being recognized and arrested. While underground, the young Narendra Modi was charged with the responsibility of preparing and distributing pamphlets and posters. These long periods of isolation and living incognito turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Narendra Modi says, Till then only writing I had done was on the answer sheets during exams. But now that I was charged with the responsibility for preparing pamphlets and posters for the mission, I perforce had to write and gradually writing became a habit and I discovered the power and might of the humble pen.

Originally written in Gujarati, these stories have been translated into English and Hindi.