Eat That Frog (Telugu Trabslation) by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time comprises several short essays that tackle the issue of procrastination. In total, there are 21 chapters, each providing one technique for an individual to manage their time effectively. Tracy starts off by urging the readers to write everything down, revealing its power when it comes to setting goals and planning. He provides the readers with several exercises, which he tells them to do on pen and paper. He admits to the fact that an individual can make note of everything they want, digitally. However, he states that there’s a different feeling that pervades an individual’s mind when they write things down on paper.

The book’s title reflects one of Tracy’s main concepts. The name is derived from one of Mark Twain’s quotes, which goes on to say that there’s nothing worse that can happen to a man throughout the day, if he eats a live frog, first thing in the morning. This technique doesn’t refer to actually eating a frog, but revolves around the idea that if an individual finishes the task that they procrastinate the most, first thing in the morning, the remaining day would go fairly easy. Another time management technique explained by Tracy is the 80/20 Rule, which is also referred to as the Pareto principle. Tracy explains that this principle means that 20 per cent of the time an individual invests in a particular task, will bring about 80 per cent of the results.