The Power (Telugu Translation) by Rhonda Byrne

Goodness in every facet of life, including relationships, health and money is desired by all. The author states that this can be achieved if one believes that they have the power to gain anything. According to Byrne, power is the only thing people require to create anything they desire. The book explores many different concepts related to power. It covers the power of feelings, the key to power, power and money, power and health, power and relationships, and power and life. The author conveys that humans should learn to appreciate and love all the things around them. According to her, it is possible to harness good feelings by increasing its volume.

The Power highlights the importance of feelings. According to Rhonda, everything in life revolves around how one feels and all our decisions are dominated by these feelings. She also advises her readers not to dwell on the past and waste moments regretting previous decisions. Her book also reveals the connection between power and creation.

She emphasizes that one must focus only on the good memories. She reiterates that there is an opportunity in every second to change life. The author also stresses on the importance of gratitude for every little thing in life. She also believes that the more love you give, the more you are likely to receive. Life is a product of two kinds of thoughts, the positive and the negative, and it is up to us to choose what we desire.