Great Urdu Ghazals

From Mir to Ghalib to kaifi Azmi and Kuldip Salil, This unique compilation brings us the best of three centures of poets and their ghazals along with Their English Translations. This unparalleled collection also bring us the ghazals in devanagari and roman scripts in order to get us closer to the ghazals and their rhythmic nuances. Originating in the 6th century, the form and subject of ghazals is deeply intryguing, whether in the from of divine love, or in the form of earthly love. The love, longing and of a ghazals have never failed to stir our souls.

This priceless selection of Urdu ghazals was compiled and translatd into Hindi by the late praksh pandit. Kuldip salil selected 54 poets from the immence treasure of Urdu poerty and translated their gems into english.

About the Author

Kuldip salil specializes in translating urdu and hindi poerty into english and vice-versa. He has won numerous awards, including the sahitya Akademi Awards for his senssitive translation of eminemt poets such as mir, Ghalib Iqbal, faiz and Ahmad faraz. He has also published five volumes of his own poerty, four of them being ghazals collections. His translation of Dewan-e-Ghalib received immense appreciation. He retired as associate professor of English, Hans raj college, University of Delhi.