Goals (Tamil Edition) By Brian Tracy

Goals is a self-help book by bestselling author Brian Tracy, which provides deep insights and advice on how goals are to be set and how to meet them. Originally penned in English, this book is its Tamil translation.

Opening with a Chicago setting, the story in the book revolves around rich entrepreneurs who discuss their journey up the ladder of success. The wisest in this group then concludes that it is only when you set practical goals for yourself that you can taste real success in life.

Beginning with this light story, the book then proceeds on to explain the seven important elements of setting goals. Further, it outlines 12 key steps that help accomplish goals, no matter what their size is. There is also the 'Mental Fitness' character-development program described at length in the book, which teaches people how to become strong from within so that they can achieve whatever goals they have set in life for themselves.

In addition, with apt examples from real life the author describes how one can build their self-confidence and esteem that are required for achieving success in life. A few other vital aspects explained in the book include how to cross over difficulties, how to meet challenges head on and how to forge ahead in life no matter what happens.