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Power Pranayam (Marathi Edition) By Renu Mehta


Pranayama is in vogue today but few are really aware of its subtle yet profound effects on the mind. Pranayama involves much more than a few breathing exercises; it is a holistic experience that encompasses the body and the mind. The book explains in simple terms:

— How to identify and correct our faulty patterns of breathing
— How to practice pranayama with understanding and safety
— Logical explanations for various aspects of Pranayama -
• why one nostril is usually more open than the other and what are its implications on our mindset and diseases
• how Kapalbhati can offer peace of mind
• how the vibrations of chanting soothe the mind and heal the body
— How pranayama creates the interface to connect with the mind
— How to program our mind towards self-empowerment, health & happiness.

Pranayam Shakti (HIndi Translation Of Power Pranayam) - Renu Mehta

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